The FDI World Dental Congress (FDI WDC) provides a scientific programme, a trade exhibition and an international forum for the review and discussion of the advancement of oral health, oral health care and all other subjects which will advance the objectives of FDI. It provides an opportunity for the strengthening of relations between the dental organizations, peoples and countries of the world.

Upcoming 2018 Congress

The next Congress will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 5–8 September 2018. Click on the banner to access the Congress website to find out more about the Scientific Programme, the location, how to submit an abstract, and how to register.

Congress structure

The structure of the World Dental Congress may vary in detail according to local circumstances, but the main elements of the Congress are:

  • Scientific Programme
  • General Assembly and other business meetings of FDI – the FDI World Dental Parliament
  • World Oral Forum
  • FDI World Dental Exhibition
  • Social Programme

The Scientific Sessions

FDI and its Education Committee collaborate with the Local Organizing Committee to design a diverse scientific programme with international speakers.

FDI General Assembly 

The FDI WDC is the time of year when the General Assembly meets. Over 300 FDI delegates get together during five days to debate and take decisions that will influence the future of dentistry.

It is also during the FDI WDC that the five standing committees get together to further progress on the projects they work on throughout the rest of the year. This is also when the annual meeting of the FDI Sections and Regional Organizations takes place.

Key Opinion Leaders from the World Dental community get together in a single location once a year at the FDI WDC.

The World Oral Health Forum (WOHF)

The 2012 Hong Kong congress was the birth place of our very first World Oral Health Forum. Inspiring ourselves from the Davos World Economic Forum model, and in line with the Vision 2020 project.

During the WOHF, FDI organizes a number of sessions with speakers from various backgrounds to debate on global topics related to the future of oral health.

The session is about one hour long and consists of short presentations by panelists (no slides), followed by discussion and Q/A.

Each of these sessions is addressing global issues relevant to dentists, but also more generally to society. The aim is to educate FDI’s members and confront them with ideas that are not discussed in dental congresses, meeting with people who might not regularly attend dental events.

The concept was launched in Hong Kong for the first time. Panels consist of (and may vary depending on topics):

  • One representative from an international organisation (WHO, UN, UICEF, etc) or from a political body (Minister of Health, environment, economy, etc)
  • One representative from the dental and oral health industry
  • One or two representatives from FDI membership
  • One representative from a non-dental organization (cardiologists, IT, etc)

Presented topics:

  • FDI Vision 2020
  • Green Dentistry and sustainable development
  • Caries – a silent epidemic

Early feedback from our stakeholders leads us to believe that this event will be a great success. The plan for the future is that a full day will be dedicated to the Forum at the FDI WDC. We are convinced that the World Oral Health Forum will be a key attraction in our next congress sessions.

The Exhibition

FDI is proud of its long-term partnership with exhibitors who have bookmarked the FDI WDC in their agenda as one of their “must-attend” exhibitions.

Each year, the Exhibition is the host of National Pavilions where smaller companies who would traditionally not exhibit at such events, use the opportunity to explore, with limited risks, a new market.

Due to our close relation with our sponsors and our unique positioning in the dentistry world, FDI WDC is often the location where top management of our partners travel to meet with FDI’s leadership.

A Regional Promotion Tool

The FDI WDC provides an unforgettable social programme including the Open Ceremony, the Conference Dinner and, last but not least, the very expected city night. Overall the Congress is a fantastic window of opportunity for the promotion of the hosting region. Many international and regional visitors and FDI delegates take the opportunity to stay a few more days to visit the region.