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Time is key for co-diagnosing and profitability in hygiene.

  1. Take time to review your current hygiene appointment time.
    The norm is 60 minutes.
  2. Give ultrasonic, hand instrumentation and polishing 30 minutes for preventive care.
    This leaves    you with 30 minutes of value!
  3. Write down what screenings are currently offered in your practice or screenings/products you are preparing to integrate.

Add five minute increments for each item listed.

This is a quick and realistic strategy to determine if your hygiene time reflects your best results!


Your dental office needs to have a written financial policy.

It should be presented to and signed by all patients. Keep a copy of that signed document. This policy is the rule by which all financial arrangements are made.

There are three things to remember when setting your financial policy:

  1. Make all payment options transparent and stick to it.
  2. Offer incentives so patients will pay early.
  3. Don’t see any patients until everyone knows what the payment arrangements are.

Your financial policy will be determined by the dynamics of your office.

Whatever your financial policy is, be consistent when presenting it.

Your Team

Hiring new staff members can be a daunting process, and the consequences of making a mistake are costly.

Increase your chances of hiring the right person the first time by following 5 simple, yet often overlooked, steps:

  1. Have a clear picture in your head of the skills and core values you are looking for
  2. Have a clearly written job description
  3. Make sure the ad you place is well-written and representative of your needs
  4. Include your staff in the hiring decision
  5. Provide the new hire with an orientation and training plan that helps them successfully integrate into your practice

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